Open Payments At the Speed of Light

Say hello toUniversal Money Address (UMA).

Transfer funds anywhere , anytime with minimal fees.

Why UMA?

Sending money across borders is expensive, slow and complicated. UMA changes that! UMAs transform the tedious process of money transfers. Envision being able to send USD from your Bitnob wallet to a friend's bank address in UK, where it seamlessly converts into GBP.


Reduce money transfer friction by offering very competitive fees.

Always On

Make transactions 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Global Settlement

Connects different payment systems, simplifying the process of money transfer for people.

How does UMA work?

UMA uses the Bitcoin Lightning network for fast, low-cost and efficient payments. Like SMTP, the protocol enabling people to send and receive email seamlessly, UMA creates a user experience that allows you to reliably send and receive money 24/7 in the currency you choose.

Now, sending money to your loved ones across borders is as simple and seamless as sending an email… Ready to Experience The Future Today?