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Our Values

Our values are the bedrock for all that we do at Bitnob - And that’s why we have 5 Values that form the basis of our identity, and guide our interactions with customers, investors, stakeholders and the general public. These values are Low Ego, Ownership, Grit, Integrity and Crazy.

These 5 values form the Acronym LOGIC

Low Ego

We care deeply, and never feel too important to show up and serve our collegues & customers.


We are accountable to ourselves and others, we take responsibility and go the extra mile to deliever results


We hold ourselves to high standards, and we consistently uphold transparency and truth.


We don't stop, we don't quit, we keep finding new ways to accomplish our mission.


We think limitless, there is no box. We break barriers and do the impossible.

Our Mission

At Bitnob, we have one single Mission, which is making it easy for every african and african business to connect with the bitcoin blockchain.

Join the Team

Since we are a 100% distributed team, you can work from anywhere. No need to move for a job. We are proud of a culture of communication, collaboration, trust and kindness.