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Bitnob Enables You to Automatically Save in Bitcoin with as little as one dollar weekly starting Today. No Hustle, Easy , Secure and Profitable

Since we launched in May 2020

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Why Save in Bitcoin?

Alternate Storage of Wealth

People all over the world are storing their wealth in Bitcoin because its like gold but digital and can be used for long term portfolio diversification.

Security and Identity Protection

With Bitcoin, you can guarantee your privacy, transparency and a great level of protection against fraud.It gives you control over your money..

Zero/ Low cost of transactions

Want to buy or send money internationally? Or pay for items online? Now you no longer have to worry about unnecessary charges, or restrictions on international payments

"You have worked hard to earn money, now sit back while it works for you"

Auto buying is one of the safest ways to buy Bitcoin. A $70 weekly Autobuy, starting 3 years ago, would have netted you over $26,000 of Bitcoin – All for the daily cost of lunch

Buy Bitcoin in less than 3 minutes with Bitnob, get started in 3 simple steps"


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Want to save daily, weekly or monthly? Set up periodic savings plans to match your goals.


Start Buying, Saving and Earning with Bitnob

Now you can focus on other things that matter while your investment grows.

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