When second best isn't enough, use Bitnob.

If you need to experience something different, something better, Bitnob helps you:

Save in Bitcoin and USD

Easily save for yourself or your kids in Bitcoin and USD, accessible globally. We save you the time and effort

Borrow in Minutes

Use your Bitcoin savings to access loans in minutes, anywhere you are.

Make payments and get paid
from anywhere

Pay people around the world and enjoy fast and easy payments anywhere you are.

You can do much more

Online Shopping

Use our dollar virtual MasterCard backed by stablecoins to make payments on online stores across the world.

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Instant Loans

With Bitnob, you can get fast loans for yourself or your business from anywhere in the world at very low interest rates. No Credit Check, No Bank Account Required.

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Receive Money Instantly

Bitnob allows you to send or receive money instantly and free from any app with a bitcoin, such as Cashapp. This includes receiving money from friends and family members in Europe and the US

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Bitcoin Investing

Bitnob helps you invest in Bitcoin without the hassle of buying, storing and managing it. Manage your savings with us and let us do the work for you.

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Lightning Transactions
Virtual Dollar Cards

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Enough with the talking, why not see for yourself. Have a glimpse of our app in acton.

Built to make using Bitcoin delightful for you.

When second best is not an option, use Bitnob. This is what others have to say about us

Bitnob is the go-to for BTC accumulation at your pace. Without Bitnob, I would never have thought about investing in Bitcoin.

Ebele Alaka - Customer

Just bought a make-up foundation on Amazon. It fucking works! This changes everything. A few weeks ago, I was begging people to use their dollar cards. 😩 The absolute ghetto! Thanks

Michael Keels - Customer

Bitnob is such an amazing app that creates opportunities for financial freedom via simple and authentic features.

Babatunde Aiyetanju - Customer

My son introduced me to this and ever since then I have had a fantastic experience with my money.

Stella Chisa - Customer

Saving in USD, Bitcoin, and other anti-inflationary vehicles hasn't been easier. Bitnob makes wealth creation seamless for young Africans.

Olumide Adaramoye - Customer

Customer support is in real time and friendly. UI is 100%.

Adewale Olaoye - Customer

Amazing app. First time I can plan for my future daily, weekly, and monthly. Thanks to Bitnob!

Wiseman Kandas - Customer

Bitnob is my first dance with bitcoin. Not a full blown tap dance yet... but more like a waltz 😅. But it’s such an easy product for us non-bitcoin intellectuals to use. I love the simplicity of the product, but I love the team behind it even more.

Edmund Olotu - Customer

In my BTC travails, Bitnob is one of the best exchange sites I have come across.

Jay Jay - Customer

No better app than Bitnob. So easy and user friendly.

Harrison Wealth - Customer

@Bitnob_official is one of the best finance apps I’ve ever used. It’s really responsive. I hate that they don’t do enough marketing for it.

Tamara Posibi - Customer

Bitnob for Business

We've crafted simple tools to aid the complex needs of your business, from accepting payments in bitcoin, invoices and payment links, APIs for 3rd party integration, automatic settlements, customer management, and more.

Earn more,

save better