Accept business payments in Bitcoin

Specially built for merchants, content creators, and small business owners to quickly start accepting payments in Bitcoin in minutes.

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Tools to manage your Bitcoin payments

Simple tools to help you get started with Bitcoin as a business

Payment Form

Payment Links & Processing

Easily get paid using the Bitnob hosted checkout tool by generating and sharing payment links with your clients.


Get a bird's eye view of transaction details and account overview in a single, beautiful dashboard.


Share invoices with your clients and get paid in stablecoins or bitcoin (on-chain and lightning).


Manage your customers in one place, blacklist fraudulent customers and view customer's transaction details.

Easy Integration

Quickly use our plugins to go live in minutes on platforms like Woocommerce, WHMCS, and more. Plug and play!

Customize Your Payouts

Decide how you want all your Bitcoin payments to be settled. If you want your payments to be instantly converted into USD, you set it up. Want 50% of all your payments to be instantly converted to USD, use the split payments option.

Team Management

Set up multiple roles with special privileges, collaborate with others to manage your business effortlessly.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Find the answers to most of our frequently asked questions.

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