What is NobCredit?

NobCredit is Bitnob loans feature that allows you to get an instant cash loan for up to 12 months using your Bitcoin as collateral. All you need to qualify is to have a minimum BTC Wallet balance of $100.

Why Should I take a Bitcoin Loan?

if you bought Bitcoin at $30,000 and need emergency cash, instead of selling your Bitcoin; taking a loan against it means that when Bitcoin goes to $50,000 you still have your Bitcoin. You won't need to buy back at that price.

How does it work?

Using the Bitcoin in your Bitnob BTC wallet as collateral, we are able to offer up to 50% LTV (loan to value ratio). In simpler terms, if you have $100 worth of Bitcoin in your Bitnob wallet you can borrow up to $50 instantly. You can withdraw the amount into your local currency of choice as long as it's supported on Bitnob.

What is the purpose of NobCredit?

The purpose of NobCredit is to help users who have Bitcoin assets get fiat currency for unexpected bills, fees, or anything in between. NobCredit helps users truly keep their Bitcoins for as long as they want.

What makes NobCredit unique?

With NobCredit, you do not undergo any credit checks, need to submit any document/credentials, or stake material collateral. All you need is your Bitcoin. You can take loans at very low-interest rates and have them approved in minutes!

How do I repay?

You only need to fund your Bitnob USD account using your local currency or stablecoins and we will deduct your repayment from there. We will notify you before we go ahead to make deductions

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