Why Hasn’t The Bitcoin Sent to My Wallet Shown Up?

So you have just bought some bitcoins and sent it to your Bitnob wallet and you still can’t see it? Don’t let panic take over! There are so many reasons why your bitcoins haven’t shown up yet and there are many ways to find out.

You can check pending transactions in the network by going here (a blockchain explorer) or here (Blockstream explorer), copy and paste your wallet address in the search bar.

If the transaction is valid and you see it there, there will be details on the number of confirmations, fees, amount transacted etc. It’s likely that with 0 confirmations, you won’t see it in your wallet until it gets to 3 or more confirmations.

If this takes very long, then it’s likely because the fees (or miners fee and is measured in satoshi) set for the transaction were very low. Bitcoin comes with different transaction fee levels, if you want the transaction to go faster, then you need to set a higher transaction fee. A transaction sent with 0 fees will likely not be sent.

If the transaction isn’t successful, the bitcoin will be sent back to the sending address and this usually happens in like 3 days.

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