NobMeet Post COVID-19 Hangout

The year 2020 is definitely one for the history books. The year started with a burst of energy; many had high hopes for the year, especially we at Bitnob – we were growing with our early users and our team was expanding.


At the office, we had company traditions; on Fridays we traditionally had drinks, small chops, and pizza. And as a team who believes so much in working hard and playing even harder, you need to see when our ever serious team turns the office into a party zone. 


Who would believe that the brains behind some amazing Bitnob products and services are attached to bodies that stand on legs that do the best leg work ever?


Then March 2020 happened – Nigeria recorded her first case of Coronavirus. Within weeks, the number of Corona virus cases tripled, and a nationwide lock down became inevitable. Bitnob swiftly transitioned fully into a remote company.


Fast forward to July 2021, Nobs Meet again. On July 17, 2021, Nobs(staff) of Bitnob had their first physical post covid-19 NobMeet. The hangout took place at  Landmark beach, Oniru Lagos.


The hangout began at 12 noon with the introduction of everyone present. After which platters of finger food and drinks were served round for starters. Shortly after, the team was divided into subgroups for board games. 


There were three teams in total: Team Satoshi led by the Co-founder, Adeolu, Team Bitcoin led by the COO, Wale and Team Crypto led by the CEO, Bernard. 

At the end of the board games, Team Satoshi emerged as winner with 235 points, team Bitcoin came behind as the first runner-up with 210 points, while staying true to its name, team Crypto dipped like shitcoins with 55 points.


After the board games was the volleyball game. Two teams were set up for the game; Team Ethereum and Team Shiba. 


Next was lunchtime, a table of sumptuous meals; Jollof rice, Plantain,  Fish, Pepper soup, Chicken and chips, drinks etc, was served as team members ate to their full. 

While eating, card games were played to further tighten the team’s bond. Last was the Paintball game; a very interesting game that mimics a war front. In this game, rival teams shoot at each other with plastic bullets filled with paint from a paintball gun. The game was so intense with each team ‘firing hard’ at each other; it literally felt like we were on an actual  battlefield, almost all the ‘soldiers’ had splashes of blue paint on their body and battle wear, not even their helmets was spared. The paintball game ended with Team Black emerging as the winner. 

Finally we took the fun “home”. Home is where the fun reached its peak, home is the CEO’s house. There, some of us learnt how to swim, while others continued playing card games whilst relieving teenage memories. The fun lovers unwinded and sang late into the night in a Karaoke session. 


NobMeet’s physical hangout was fun! It was worth it. Meet some of the superhumans behind Bitnob (attach pictures from the hangout here)


One year after the COVID-19 pandemic, Bitnob has grown even bigger with more members joining the team. Our resolve to build solutions that help Africans access and save in Bitcoin has never been more established. 


Although Covid-19 is still out there, our vision has not only gotten clearer, it has further expanded. So even though we are not fully physically at the office yet, we remain committed to serving you the best from our diverse locations.

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