What is Lightning Network?

Lightning as the name implies is a network built on the Bitcoin Blockchain to facilitate instant and almost free bitcoin transfers. With the Bitnob app, you can send and receive Bitcoin via the lightning network.

What can I use lightning for?

You can use lightning to pay for things online. E.g buy airtime or gift cards on Bitrefill.com. Instantly receive money from family and friends abroad. Tip your favourite content creators or contribute to crowdfunding.

How do I make use of Lightning?

To use lightning is simple, all you need is your lightning address or lightning invoice. Your lightning address is a username unique to you, somewhat like an email 'user@bitnob.com'. With this address you can receive payments on the lightning network from anywhere and on any application that supports it. A lightning invoice on the other hand is like an address but usually suitable for one time or multiple payments in any given amount. To make a lightning payment with Bitnob, all you need to do is copy the lightning address or invoice and open the Bitnob app, you would then be notified on how to proceed once the address is detected in your phone's clipboard.

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Lightning Network

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