Instant Loans : How to Borrow Cash with Your Bitcoin


Adeolu Akinyemi

Co-founder Bitnob

About This Webinar

As the value of Bitcoin continues to rise, more and more people are beginning to see it as a more reliable store of their wealth than fiat currency and do not want to sellbut rather HODL for as long as possible. But what happens when you own Bitcoin and all of a sudden have an emergency that requires money(fiat currency) to settle or even just need a quick financial injection to bolster your business. 


Whatever the reason may be, Africans are always going to need credit in form of loans to achieve set financial goals and financial institutions will most often than not require assets of value as collateral.


Can that Collateral be Bitcoin? What exactly is the case for getting loans with Bitcoin as collateral.


Join us on Wednesday the 24th of March by 7PM WAT/1Pm EST as we discuss with Adeolu Bitcoin Adoption in Africa and how to use Bitcoin as collateral asset to get loans.


Adeolu is the CIO and cofounder at Bitnob, a company that’s removing barriers to the access of Bitcoin for Africans and their businesses by ensuring that people can buy Bitcoin with as little as 1 dollar everyday.

Adeolu Akinyemi

Co-founder Bitnob

Adeolu Akinyemi is a Cofounder and CIO at Bitnob. He also provides advisory and leadership support for a number of businesses and charities. He enjoys teaching, coaching and inspiring others on an eclectic range of personal development topics. He is a blockchain enthusiast, a wellness fan, a network marketing champion and a Jesus aficionado. He’s been happily married to his secondary school friend and together they have three amazing children one in the University, another in Senior Secondary school and one yet to go to school.


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