Bitnob Referral Program Explained

Bitnob Referral Program explained


Bitnob has recently launched the Bitnob Referrals Program, an ambassadorship scheme that pays its users for referring Bitnob to their friends. The referral programme is specifically designed to reward users of the Bitnob app. With this new development, users who share their Bitnob referral codes get rewarded with gifts and cash prizes from Bitnob. 

Refer and Win with Bitnob is another easy means by which Bitnob users can make passive income on the Bitnob app. Bitnob users that refer not only win gifts and cash prizes but also stand a chance of becoming decorated as the Bitnob Ambassador of the month based on different rankings. Depending on users referral activity, users can be crowned a Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Ruby or MVP ambassador. Winners at the top of each of these rankings are rewarded with up to $1000 cash prize monthly from Bitnob. 

Bitnob offers a simple and unique platform for anybody and everybody to tap into the long term benefits of investing in Bitcoin. The Bitnob app is a platform that allows people to build wealth while saving in bits of Bitcoins; with as little as $1 with Bitnob you can begin your journey towards harnessing your wealth in BTC. Bitnob has made Bitcoin investment delightful and easy for Africans to participate in the ever-growing international market of  Bitcoin. If you are looking to grow your wealth, diversify your portfolio, keep your funds away from the risk of crazy inflation and naira devaluation, then the Bitnob app is for you. Users of the app span Nigeria, Ghana and other parts of the world. With the referral program, users are now rewarded in gifts and cash prizes for encouraging others to tap into this pool of profitable investments. 

The Bitnob Referral programme which has just been launched and will last till June has seen different users climb up the leadership rank to becoming Bitnob Ambassadors at different levels. Bitnob users who have taken advantage of this exciting offer have been increasing in their ranks on the Bitnob Leaderboard. To be a part of the programme, you only need to download the Bitnob app on the Google play store or Apple Appstore, sign up, make a deposit into your account and begin sharing your referral code to invite other people. The more you refer, the more your chances of earning from Bitnob and becoming the next celebrated Bitnob’s Ambassador. 

Here is how to get started as a Bitnob Ambassador:

  1. To Become a Bronze Ambassador, you need to have referred 5 people, invested at least 20 dollars and your referrals should have invested a total of 40 dollars in total.
  2. To become a Silver Ambassador, you need to have referred 20 people, have at least 50 dollars and your referrals should have invested a total of 100 dollars  
  3. To Become a Gold Ambassador, you need to have referred 50 people, invested at least 100 dollars and your referrals should have invested a total of 250 dollars in total.
  4.  To Become a Platinum Ambassador, you need to have referred 100 people, invested at least 250 dollars and your referrals should have invested a total of 1000 dollars in total.
  5. To Become a Diamond Ambassador, you need to have referred 200 people, invested at least 5000 dollars and your referrals should have invested a total of 7500 dollars in total.
  6. To Become a Ruby Ambassador, you need to have referred 400 people, invested at least 10000 dollars and your referrals should have invested a total of 15000 dollars in total.
  7. To Become an MVP you need to have referred 500 people, invested at least 20000 dollars and your referrals should have invested a total of 30000 dollars in total.

All the details above are also shown in the table below:

Rank Referrals Personal Balance Team Balance Activity
Bronze 5 $20 $40
Silver 20 $50 $100 Marketing Value
Gold 40 $100 $250 Marketing Value
Platinum 100 $250 $1000 Marketing Value
Diamond 200 $5,000 $7,500 Marketing Value
Ruby 400 $10,000 $10,000 Marketing Value
MVP 500 $20,000 $30,000 Marketing Value


To move faster up the leaderboard, we invented point-based activities that serve as point boosters that can get you to the top of the leaderboard faster than all your peers. 

An Activity refers to value-adding actions done to enlighten others about Bitnob such as a blog post, a review, a tutorial video etc.

We have batched Activities into 3 categories and every activity done within each category earns a specified number of points as detailed below. You can get as many points as possible from here based on your activity. You need to do at least 1 of these activities for each level. The table below shows the different kinds of activities and the points allotted to them.


Type of Activity Documents AudioVisuals  Creative Project 
  • A blogpost
  • App Review
  • “How To” Documents
  • Guide Documents
  • Twitter Thread
  • Image Post on Social Media
  • Podcast
  • Webinar
  • “How To” Videos
  • Video Review
  • Clubhouse Conversation
  • IG Live
  • Explainer Videos
  • Just blow our minds.
Number of points per activity 5 points per activity

*Extra 5 points based on engagement

10 points per activity

*Extra 10 points based on engagement

30 points per activity

*Extra 10 points based on engagement


*Engagements on your post on Social Media will attract more points.

* For Social Media Activities, simply tag us on social media and we will note the points for you. For other activities, email us at 

Once you qualify as Bronze, Silver, Gold, etc, you enter into a leaderboard, where you can be amongst the top 10 in each category to win gifts.

The table below shows the cash prices that will be awarded to the winners in the 1st, 2nd and 3rd positions for each rank:

Rank 1st 2nd  3rd
Bronze 150 dollars 100 dollars 50 dollars
Silver 300 dollars 200 dollars 100 dollars
Gold 450 dollars 300 dollars 150 dollars
Platinum 600 dollars 400 dollars 200 dollars
Diamond 750 dollars 500 dollars 250 dollars
Ruby 900 dollars 600 dollars 300 dollars
MVP 1050 dollars 700 dollars 350 dollars


Users in positions 4 – 10 in each level get a Branded Bitnob Merchandise such as T-shirt, Water Bottle, etc. 

To take advantage of the program and win the mouth-watering gifts listed above, become a Bitnob ambassador today, all you need to do is 

  • Open the Bitnob app on your mobile device
  • Scroll to your Account information
  •  Click on referrals to copy your referral code
  • Share with friends and family and you’re well on your way to becoming our MVP.

Winners will be selected monthly on the first day of every month a monthly based on their respective positions on the leaderboard. See you at the top🚀 🚀🚀.

Don’t forget to join our Telegram community of Bitnobles where we have exciting conversations about all things Bitcoin and Bitnob.

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