Bitnob Hosts it’s Ambassadors to a dinner event

In May, Bitnob started its first of a kind referral program to encourage and motivate users who have been using the Bitnob app. With the commencement of this program, users who love the app and have been sharing it to their friends and loved ones get to win amazing gifts and prizes from Bitnob at the end of the month. Several winners emerged in different categories winning cash prizes ranging from 450 dollars to 50 dollars, amongst other exciting rewards.

A dinner event was held in honor of these winners who have been doing a good job promoting Bitnob within their private circles and communities.

The Dinner event which lasted about 2 hours featured lots of laughter, light hearted conversations, as well as heart-to-heart talks about the future of Bitcoin and how Bitnob will play in that future.

In his opening remarks, the Cofounder of Bitnob, Mr Adeolu Akinyemi expressed his gratitude to the attendees; who are also Bitnob Ambassadors, and talked briefly about the rationale behind the Referral Program.

Attendees then shared their Bitcoin stories and how they got to know about Bitnob and the several use cases they utilize the app for in their day to day living.

Promise, the Bitnob Gold ambassador of the month, talked about how easy it was for him to refer people in his daily interactions; even as far as tipping his fuel attendant using his USD wallet feature on Bitnob. 

Mr Adeolu later spoke briefly about Bitnob’s future plans to raise seed funding to further help grow the Bitnob user base and drive the adoption of Bitcoin in Nigeria and even Africa as a whole.

The winners were presented with their cheques after which the event was wrapped up with some words of wisdom from Mr Adeolu about the magic of compounding interest.

The event was recorded on our Instagram page so you can catch up on everything you missed if you were not one of the Lucky Bitnob ambassadors in attendance.

Here are some pictures from the event for your viewing pleasure as well.

Good news is that the referral program is still on and you can be one of the lucky winners for the next month. To find out more about the Bitnob Referral program, here is a blogpost detailing how you can win with Bitnob.

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