Bitnob is simplifying access to the Bitcoin Blockchain Technology for People to create wealth, grow their wealth and even build and provide support for their businesses.

Our Values

As a company, our values define us and guide what we do and how we approach everything we do. We have 5 Values that form the basis of our identity and guide our interactions with customers, investors, stakeholders and the general public and these values areĀ  Passion, Integrity, Leadership, Ownership and Teamwork. These 5 values form the Acronym PILOT


Every Bitnobber is Passionate about Africa as a continent and solving the problems Africans and their businesses face by building solutions using Blockchain technology.


At Bitnob, Integrity forms the core of everything we do and this reflects on every Bitnobber and what we do as a company.


Bitnobbers are leaders in every sense of the word, taking charge every day and leading individually and as a team to solve problems and create lasting solutions.


Every Bitnobber is capable and willing to take the responsibility needed to make every dream a success.


As a company, we have big dreams and these dreams are fueled by the work we do as a team. Our success as a company is greatly hinged on our collective intelligence as a team.

Our Mission

At Bitnob, We Have One Single Mission Which Is Making It Easy For Every African And African Business To Connect With The Bitcoin Blockchain.

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